Does your mummy live in a pyramid?

Why did the Egyptians build pyramids? This half term we will be concentrating upon what life was like back in 3100 BC. What is mummification and how was it done? Each week we would like you to focus upon a different types of homework which focus upon the Egyptians.

What would life be like in 1603?

Year 5 will be jumping back in time to discover what it was like in the Stuart Era. Why do we celebrate Bonfire Night today? What happened on the 5th November 1605? How would Guy Fawkes feel if he knew how his plot unfolded?

How could you become the next Mr Cadbury?

How would your life be different without chocolate? What would happen if the cocoa bean had never been discovered? Imagine if Christopher Columbus had chosen not to travel that day. Or imagine if Mr Willy Wonka had never hired the Oompa Loompas.