How does your garden grow?

Have you ever wondered why Jack’s beanstalk was so big or how Mary Mary’s garden grew?! Well this term we will be looking at how plants not only grow but also flourish? What does flourish even mean and how do we make plants flourish? Do they need food and drink to survive like humans do? I haven’t ever…

What did the first people in Britain live like?

Have you ever wondered what the first people in Britain lived like? Where did they live? What did they live in? What did they eat if they couldn’t just nip to ASDA for their weekly shop? What did they do for fun in the days before Nintendo Switches and X-Boxes?! What would you do for fun nowadays if…

Have you ever been to Greece?

What was it like? Would you like to go?

What makes the earth angry?

Exploding volcanoes, raging hurricanes and thundering tsunamis. Have you ever wondered what makes the earth angry? What would happen if you exploded every time you got angry? How would you feel if you erupted? What is a volcano? How do volcanoes impact the lives of people who live near them? There are…

Is it Magic?

Imagine waking up one morning and you could perform magic? What would you do? How would you do it? This term we will be exploring how and why things work as they do and the science behind the magic!

What would it be like to be a child 150 years ago?

Imagine waking up one morning in the Victorian Era; What would day consist of:  How would you get to school? What would you wear to school? What lessons would you have? What would you do after school?