Are we nearly there yet?

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? How would you get there? What would you see? I would go back to Egypt but on a boat, see the pyramids and swim in the Red Sea. Miss Swann would like to visit Australia on a double-decker bus. What do you think we would have seen on the way?

Have you ever seen a snowman talk?

What would you say to a snowman? Can you imagine living in freezing temperatures like the North Pole, how would you and the animals survive? Frosty the snowman is thinking of moving house, where would be a great place to live? Mr Moore and I have thought about changing our classrooms for Frosty, I would…

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little, Star

How bright would you shine? If you were able to shoot yourself into the sky where would you go?
Mr Moore and I have discussed where we would shine above in the
world, I would go above Africa so I could watch all of the animals.

What colour could we live without in the world?

Are all colours equally important? Are we equally important to each other? Do colours look the same? Do we look the same as others? All colours contribute to create something wonderful and so do we!