I wonder… what kind of world is this?

What do you think it would be like to live in a Jurassic world? Or to live in a castle with knights and dragons? Would you live near a volcano or by the sea? What magical creatures would live in your fantasy world, would you have a pet dragon or unicorn?

I wonder where do our Tusker and Stanley come from?

This term we are going on an African Adventure to find out all about where our pets Tusker the elephant and Stanley the gorilla live.We will be finding out about African wild life, habitats and comparing this to EnglandWe will also be finding out about native cultures such as the Masaai and their lifestyles…

What would your winter wonderland look like?

What animals would live in your winter wonderland? Would you have lots of snow and live in an igloo or an ice palace?
This half term we will be exploring different snowy lands from the Arctic to the Antarctic. We will be learning about the animals that live in these cold places, creating our own fact…

What superhero would you be?

Which superheroes do you already know? If you could be a superhero who would you be? What would your super power be?